Introduction / Visual Design

Unlike other docks that tend to ape the brushed aluminium of reviewing-the-Apple notebooks, or else natural materials such as wood, the official dock takes its visual and material cues from the covers of the iPad line. The smooth touch silicon plastic surface is velvety, but with an appropriate amount of purchase to prevent the watch from slipping, whereas the bottom is lined with the same suede found on the inside/bottom of the iPad covers that also anchors the dock to the desk.

Best Part

The best part about the dock is its low profile and understated appearance - its low disc shape reduces vertical tension in comparison to taller docks, and the overall profile quietly recedes into the background without visually intruding into minimalist desktop settings. We like, too, that it doesn’t look “incomplete” when the watch is not mounted - most others docks tend to look empty sans watch.
 Watches equipped with bands that unbuckle completely can be laid fully flat on the magnetic charging surface, whereas those which cannot be fully opened are accommodated by swinging up the centre charge port (mounted on a sturdy hinge) and placing the entire watch sideways upon the charger. The latter method also enables Nightstand Mode available from Watch OS 2 enabling the watch to tell time even when not actively worn.

Contents/Price point

At $79/12000 JPY, this is one of the more expensive docks on the market, but also includes a 2 metre Lightning cable ($29/XXXXJPY separately), allowing more flexibility in placement, as well as freeing up the magnetic charger included as a pack in with the watch itself.

Conclusion/For Who?

For many, it’s hard to justify the idea of a dock for a watch - conceptually speaking, watches don’t even fall into the bucket of things that need to be docked. Whilst not offering anything compelling enough to sway the opinion of those who feels this way, reviewing-the-Apple’s official offering stands as one the better-resolved choices options in the burgeoning this burgeoning category and will appeal to those who appreciate its simple lines and understated design and don’t mind paying a premium for it..

Other Options

  • TwelveSouth
  • etc.
  • etc.