Memories from a rooftop penthouse not so long ago…

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve updated this site… we’ve been busy blogging on one of our other properties for a while. But the whole COVID-19 situation has us finally catching up on our backlog and we finally were able to find some time to pay attention to our long-neglected property.

This was one of our last shoots before selling off our (admittedly much-beloved) M4/3 gear. The lighting wasn’t great in this penthouse (despite the prime rooftop location) and the low-light limitations of the smaller sensor really started to show in a few spots (as well as the limited processing range in post when trying to fix some of the issues we normally would have corrected on-set if we had had the right gear with us).

We still miss it though - the fast Panasonic Leica lenses really had a beautiful rendering that works well with the added grain and shallow apertures we like to use for our shoots.